One of the features that first attracted you to your Metro 77 & 85 apartment rental in San Leandro was the balcony. You liked the idea of having some private outdoor space to enjoy when the weather is nice. While you could toss a couple of folding chairs out there and call it done, you’d like the space to more attractive and still be functional. Here are some suggestions you can use to dress the balcony and make it a true extension of your indoor living space.

Start With a Rug

Placing a rug on the balcony may not be your first thought, but it helps to create a foundation for what will follow. There are a number of rugs made of materials suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. You want something that is easy to clean and also adds some color to what is otherwise a neutral balcony floor. If you choose to select a rug with colors that are also included in your indoor decor, the balcony will visually connect easier to the rest of the place.

Think Outdoor Breakfast Nook

One way to make the space functional is to invest in a small table with simple chairs. Again, go with materials that will stand up to exposure to heat and sunlight. The table can be dressed with some type of durable cloth, You can even dress the table with a live plant. Colorful cushions in the chairs helps to add softness and make the space more inviting. It will be easy to imagine enjoying breakfast on the balcony or even using the space for an intimate dinner for two by candlelight in the evenings.

Add Potted Vegetables

You would like some greenery on the balcony so why not think about growing some pots of vegetables? Depending on the season, you can choose a variety of vegetable plants that can be run up a small trellis to provide a dash of green along with whatever happens to grown on the vines. It’s fine to invest in pots of different sizes so that the green from the leaves contrasts with the color of the vegetable at different levels. Remember that many types of tomato vines can be supported by cages and provide the height and the lush look you want to draw the eye upward. Once the vegetables mature, you will also have the makings for some great salads or the perfect side dishes for a meal or two.

Avoid Clutter

Remember that you only have so much room to work with when it comes to dressing a balcony. There may be some temptation to furnish it with campy accessories but do your best to resist. While they may be fun at first, it takes a lot of work to keep those accessories clean. They can also get in the way if you have a couple of people over and all of you want to sit outside.

Whatever you do, keep the decor for the balcony relatively simple. You’ll thank yourself when the time comes to clean the space.

Take a look at your balcony at Metro 77 & 85 today and think about how you would like to use the space. It won’t take long to come up with an idea that ensures you will enjoy spending time on your balcony and letting the cares of the world slide on by.