Now that you have made the decision to move into your new home at Metro 77 & 85 in San Leandro, it’s time to think about investing in the right type of accent pieces. It’s great that you found furniture that looks great in the space and happens to be the perfect scale. With the bones of your apartment in place, you can focus on adding more pieces that reflect your personality. Here are a few suggestions that will help you choose the perfect pieces and truly make the space your own.

A Grouping of Mirrors

One of the more interesting ways to decorate a wall is to do it with mirrors. You can go with something simple like purchasing three to five of the oblong mirrors people often use on the backs of doors. Arrange them in a staggered fashion to create a zig-zag design on the wall. Along with filling the space nicely, you also create one more way to reflect the natural light coming through the windows and boost the sense of being in a light and airy space.

You can also purchase mirrors in different sizes, shapes and frame colors. Use them to create an interlocking pattern along an expanse of wall. The light still reflects and brightens the space while the variety of shapes and frame colors adds more visual appeal to the area.

Stencils Work Too

If you want to employ your creative talents to make something of the space over the doors, consider using stencils. It’s easy to pick up different designs at local craft shops or buy a kit that allows you to come up with your own design. Position the stencil over the door and use watercolors to fill in the spaces. Once the painting is done, gently remove the stencil and check your handiwork. You’ll be able to enjoy the look for years. When the time does come to move, the water colors will make it easy to remove the stenciling and ensure the apartment at Metro 77 & 85 is ready for the next tenant.

A Set of Open Shelves

Freestanding sets of shelves are great for more than displaying books. You can purchase a set of three units to position along a wall and provide the ideal space to display all sorts of treasures. To make the space lighter and more airy, go with open shelves rather than traditional bookshelves that are only open on the front.

For example, you may be going for a contemporary and slightly industrial look. Invest in black metal shelving that is often found in workshops. Pair it with custom smoked glass that will rest on each of the metal shelves. The glass and metal combination make it easy to fill each shelf with groupings that include framed photographs, books, real or silk greenery, and any collection of knick-knacks that appeal to you.

Adding personal touches that are inspired by your likes, hobbies, and interests help to make your apartment at Metro 77 & 85 a real home. Try these ideas and any others that come to mind. You’ll find a lot of ways to add personality quickly, simply, and without spending a lot of money.