While you love living in your San Leandro apartment at Metro 77 & 85, there seems to be something missing. That something is a roommate. You may not have lived with anyone since leaving home, but it won’t take long to find that having someone else around the apartment is nice. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should look for a compatible roommate now.

Frees Up Some of Your Income

Right now you are managing all the living expenses at your Metro 77 & 85 rental on your own. It’s great that you can afford to do that but wouldn’t it be nice to divert some of you income to other purposes? If there’s a roommate to share the basic living expenses, you can move toward achieving a financial goal much faster.

Maybe you would like to deposit a certain amount of money in your savings account this year. Perhaps you’d like to pay off a credit card or start saving a down payment for a new car. When the expenses associated with your apartment are reduced by half, it’s possible to complete any of these goals sooner rather than later. Any way you look at it, you stand to be in better financial condition by the end of the year.

Give Your Social Life a Boost

Between work and other obligations, you don’t have much of a social life. While you do manage to hang out with friends now and then, there never seems to be time to meet new people. A roommate can change that.

If you happen to get a roommate who comes with a wide circle of friends, the odds of meeting new people without having to go out of your way are much higher. As those friends drop by the apartment or come over for dinner, you get the chance to know them too. Some of those connections could turn out to be great friends for you as well as your roommate.

Curbing Your Territorial Tendencies

One of the drawbacks of living alone is that it’s easy to get a little too territorial with your space. Everything is right where you want it to be, all the decor is to your taste, and nothing changes unless you want it that way.

While that’s fine if you plan on living by yourself the rest of your life, that approach fly if you plan on finding a mate in the future. Now is the time to learn how to share space and get along with someone who may have very different tastes and preferences.

With a roommate, you learn a bit about give and take. There will still be times when things go your way, but there will also be times when things are done the way your roommate likes. Compromises that come about so that both of you can be relatively happy with how the living room looks or how things are stored in the kitchen will also be part of the learning process. While it may be hard at first, you’ll be grateful for these experiences when you finally do find your true love and start planning a life together.

If you haven’t give much thought to sharing your Metro 77 & 85 apartment in San Leandro with someone, take a moment and think of what sort of benefits you could enjoy. With the right choice, life in your apartment could turn out to be better than ever.