The longer you live at Metro 77 & 85 in San Leandro, CA, the better you like your apartment. Every room is a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Since you are so comfortable there, it makes sense to keep the place in top condition. You can do your part by making sure the major kitchen appliances are clean at all times. If there is any doubt about whether or not to clean the refrigerator, here are four signs that the day to open the door and take action has come.

You Can’t Find Something

Your love of trying new condiments and other things may broaden your culinary tastes, but all of those containers can get lost in the refrigerator. Before you know it, something is pushed to the back of a shelf and forgotten for a time. The result is that when you decide to prepare a meal in your Metro 77 & 85 apartment rental, finding that one sauce or condiment that you think is in the refrigerator turns into a major search and rescue mission.

When it seems as if all you are doing is moving containers around constantly, it may be time to thin the supply a little. Take out everything in the main compartment and decide what stays and what goes. You may be surprised to find out you are out of mustard but have three open bottles of ketchup.

There’s an Odd Smell

When you open the refrigerator door, there’s an unusual odor that is hard to ignore. Where the odor is coming from is not immediately apparent. What is obvious is that the source of the smell has to go.

Now is a great time to clean out the refrigerator and wipe down all of the shelves. Along the way, you’ll find the origin of the unpleasant scent and possibly find a few other things that need to go before they begin to stink too.

What’s in That Container?

Left in the back of the refrigerator long enough, just about any type of food product will begin to change in color, texture, scent, and shape. How often do you find yourself opening the door, peeking at a container, and asking “what is that?” If it seems to happen fairly frequently, it’s time do some sorting and throw away whatever happens to be of questionable origin. In the long run, you will avoid the possibility of eating something green that used to be brown, or vice versa.

Compiling a Grocery List is Easier

When the refrigerator hasn’t been cleaned in some time, the fact is that you don’t know what is in there. That makes putting a grocery list together more complicated. While you could work off of memory, you still run the risk of ending up with multiple bottles of containers of something that you already have in abundance. At the same time, you could end up not buying you really need because you think there is already one in the fridge. If you keep the refrigerator in your San Leandro Metro 77 & 85 clean and tidy, there will never be any doubt about what needs to be on the grocery list.

Your Health Matters

Foods that are well past the “sell-by” date could be fine for consumption. Then again, they may not. A quick look and a sniff is not always the best way to determine if something is edible. One wrong move and you could end up with food poisoning or at least a tummy ache that keeps you up tonight.

Clearing and cleaning the refrigerator makes it easy to err on the side of caution. If the date has passed, get rid of it. You’ll stay healthier and sleep better too.

Take a look in your refrigerator today and decide if it’s time to do some cleaning. The task won’t take as long as you may think and the benefits easily justify the effort.