While many furniture pieces are designed to last for decades, mattresses are not among them. In spite of what what others have told you, they are only at their best for a limited number of years. The decision to buy a new one usually happens when you notice a few things happening. Here are four reasons that you should think about looking at replacement mattresses this coming weekend.

You Don’t Remember When You Bought Your Mattress

When was the last time you purchased a new mattress? Was it before you found your Metro 77 & 85 apartment? Perhaps you owned it when you first moved to San Leandro. When the details are hazy, that’s a sure sign that the time has come for a change.

Consider it an opportunity to try something new. If you have never owned a pillow top mattress, test a couple. Have you thought about a foam mattress that is supposed to cradle you while also easing pressure on your spine? Test one and see what you think.

You’re Beginning to Pad the Mattress With Blankets and Quilts

The mattress is sagging in a few spots. Even when the bed is made, it’s easy to see those areas. You are beginning to use blankets and quilts to add a little padding to the mattress top in an effort to make thee sags go away. Unfortunately your efforts are not accomplishing much. It’s time to admit the mattress has seen better days and find one that is more suitable for your Metro 77 & 85 apartment in San Leandro.

The Mattress Doesn’t Smell Clean

There are several reasons why furniture professionals recommend buying new mattresses after a maximum of ten years. Even when you clean thoroughly, residue and odors can collect in the mattress proper. You may not realize how much of a scent is found in the mattress since it developed incrementally. If you choose to follow to invest in a new mattress, the difference in the way the room smells will be quickly apparent.

Your Back Hurts When You Get Up in the Morning

If these other reasons aren’t enough motivation, consider the way you feel when you wake up. Do you still feel tired? Is there stiffness in your back or legs? Does it take moving around a bit before you begin to feel a little better? That’s a sure sign the mattress is not offering the support you need. As a result, you are not getting the deep sleep that your body and mind need.

For your health, buy a new mattress now. The sooner you have it delivered to your apartment at Metro 77 7 85, the sooner you will once again sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

Don’t put off the task any longer. Check out mattresses at some of the stores around town. Find one that provides the support you need and is made to hold up well as the years pass. After your first night on the new mattress, it will be easy to see why you needed to make a change.