You’re having a lot of fun getting settled into your new Metro 77 & 85 apartment in San Leandro, but finding the money to buy everything you want is hard to do. One way you can stretch your dollars is renting a few things instead of buying them right now. Here are five examples of what to rent until you have the time and the money to invest in something more permanent.


You already own a bed and a couple of other pieces of furniture, but purchasing more right now is out of the question. The idea of buying pieces from a thrift shop doesn’t appeal to you either. One way to avoid having tons of empty space is to rent furniture for at least the first several months.

You will be surprised at how many rental agencies will offer special deals that include things for the living and dining rooms. Most of them will carry several different styles to consider. For one low monthly payment, it’s possible to select furnishings that are just the right scale and style.


You could use a new television for the living room, but buying one now doesn’t seem to be the best idea. Rent one instead. Go with one that will allow you to connect to a local cable company or choose a model that can easily be connected to your home network. The latter is usually set up so you can use an antenna to pull in all the over the air channels in the greater Bay area and augment them with programming you stream via your Internet connection.


You’ve heard of renting camping equipment, including cookware that’s suitable for cooking on an open fire. What you may not know is that it’s possible to rent full sets of cookware designed for home use. More than one service in San Leandro offers stainless steel and other types of cookware sets for you to consider. The sets range from basic options that include a dozen or so pots, pans, and lids to larger sets that allow you to prepare enough food for a large crowd. Best of all, you get to try different cookware brands and see which one you like best before buying anything.

Wall Art

Nothing helps add a personal touch to your San Leandro Metro 77 & 85 apartment like wall art. The problem is you are still figuring out what sort of art appeals to you the most. Have you thought about renting a few paintings, wrought iron sculptures, and other art pieces to adorn your walls?

Going with this approach allows you to experiment a bit and find what works in the space and appeals to your sensibilities. If you don’t care for a certain piece, return it and rent something else.

The goal is to make your apartment at Metro 77 & 85 in San Leandro comfortable and visually attractive. Don’t rush out to buy things just to fill the space. Try renting some essentials for now and see how they work out. When the time is right, you can replace those rented items with purchases that will serve you well for many years to come.