There was a time when you were new to Metro 77 & 85 in San Leandro. Remember how nice it was when a couple of the neighbors extended a welcome and made you feel like part of the group of tenants? Now that you’ve been around for some time, it’s time to pay it forward. Here are some of the ways you can help a newcomer settle in and begin to feel at home.

Make a Card

One way to help the new people who have just moved in feel welcome is to make a card. You can whip one up using the tools on your laptop or stop by a card shop and buy a blank one. Come up with a short message and then sign it. For better effect, talk to some of the friends you’ve made at Metro 77 & 85 and ask them to sign as well.

Remember that the message does not have to be funny, overly sentimental, or catchy. All it must be is sincere. Something as basic as “happy you are here and we look forward to getting to know you” will be enough.

Slip the card under the door if you feel a little self-conscious about delivering it in person. The new neighbor is likely to appreciate the gesture and look forward to getting to know a few of the neighbors.

Prepare a Welcome Basket

There used to be a tradition in which neighbors would put together a basket of goodies to deliver to a newcomer. There’s no reason you and the other tenants at Metro 77 & 85 can’t draw on this idea and give it a modern twist. Try to think of things that you needed when you first moved in. For example, did you find yourself making frequent trips for extension cords, light bulbs, or batteries? There’s a good chance your new neighbor could use some of these little things that get overlooked until they are needed. A basket filled with those items is a great way to help out without being intrusive.

Create a File of Local Places That Deliver

Your new neighbor at Sand Leandro’s Metro 77 & 85 may not be doing a lot of cooking for the first few days. There will be unpacking that must be done after work. One way to help the new tenant get settled is to make a list of all the local restaurants that deliver. Include the hours of operation, a phone number, and a web address if a restaurant is set up to take orders online.

Make the file even more useful by including copies of the takeout menus from those local restaurants. Many of them will be found online and easy to download. Your new neighbor will thank you for making it easier to select a place, call in an order, and get one more box unpacked before the food is delivered.

There are plenty of other ways that you can make a newcomer feel welcome. Sit down with a couple of your other neighbors and come up with some additional ideas. It won’t take long until the group settles on several ways to make the new tenant feel at home and interested in getting to know the other residents better.